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Joan Condlin's Liverpool School of Dance Achievements

1994 NYU Graduate toured w/ Beauty & the Beast (Allison Mayne)

1995 2nd place NATIONAL TAP WINNERS @ I Love Dance-Providence, RI (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy)

1995 NYS FAIR Semi Finalist (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy)

1995 2nd place NATIONAL TAP SOLO WINNER St. Louis, MO (Michele Wherley)

1995 Baker HS Graduate to attend EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Allison Tall)

1995 Baker HS Graduate to attend CENTRAL FLORIDA for THEATER & DANCE (Kelly Mayne)

1995 Student Performers in "BABES IN TOYLAND & THE NUTCRACKER"

1996 - 1997 PATRIOT PERFORMER in Color Guard & Dance @ Brockport (Kelly Henry)

1996 & 1997 Silver Medalist @ THE GOLD NATIONALS in Boston, MA

1997 NYS Semi-Finalists (2 solo's - Mini Division), (2 solo's & 1 group - Maxi Division)

1997 NYS Fair Medalist (Jessica Piscitelli)

1998 GOLD MEDAL WINNERS @ Rochester Invitational (Solo-Lisa Henson & Tap group 5 Guys name Moe)

1998 HIGH SCORE REPRESENTATIVES - Sarah Bonner, Lisa Henson, April Maw & Jessica Piscitelli in Rochester

1998 Lead in Local Theater Company - Kyra Kenyon

1999 Lead @ Baker HS play - Ashley Mayne

1999 Lisa Henson named HEAD CHOREOGRAPHER @ Le Moyne College

1999 3rd place HIGH SCORE AWARD - Yankee Doodle

1999 GOLD MEDALIST @ PDTA - Sr. Tap Percussion & Sarah Bonner for Tap & Lyrical


1999 GOLD MEDALIST @ Rochester Invitational - Tap Percussion & Yankee Doodle

1999 GOLD NATIONALS in Boston, MA GOLD MEDALIST - Tap Percussion & Yankee Doodle - Tacit Award

1999 - 2000 American Heart Association Heart Ball Performers of Alice in Wonderland

2000 HIGH SCORE REPRESENTATIVES - Adrianna Ramirez & Stephanie Vadala in Rochester

2000 GOLD MEDALIST @ Rochester Invitational - Erin Johnson, Kyra Kenyon 2), Sarah Bonner (2), Stephanie Vadala (2), & George M

2000 Rochester Invitational SPECIAL AWARDS - Best Props - Rhiannon, Breanna & Alanna Gaubatz for Go the Distance

2000 Rochester Invitational HIGH SCORE - Sarah Bonner 1st Lyrical, Kyra Kenyon 4th Tap & 4th Stephanie Vadala Jazz


2000 LHS Graduate Kyra Kenyon attends BALL STATE UNIVERSITY for Theater & Dance

2000 NYS Fair SEMI FINALISTS - Caitlin Malone & Erin Johnson


2001-02 Jen Lorence is named HEAD CHOREOGRAPHER @ St. Lawrence University

2001 GOLD MEDALISTS @ PDTA Erin Johnson - Jazz & Kelly Robb - Lyrical

2001 SPECIAL AWARDS @ Rochester Invitational - DIVA - Amanda Kurey, Best Duo - Adrianna Ramirez & Eileen Freehan & Best Back - Chelsea Ashlaw

2001 STUDIO REPRESENTATIVES @ Rochester Invitational - Brittany Whelan & Nicole Maw

2001 NYS Fair Semi Finalists - Rock this Town, Alanna Gaubatz


2002 GOLD MEDALIST Erin Johnson @ Rochester Invitational

2002 STUDIO REPRESENTATIVE 2 Rochester Invitational Erin Johnson & Willimania

2002 NYS Semi Finalists - Willimania, Caitlin Malone & Alanna Gaubatz


2003 I Love Dance 2 HIGH SILVER, Footloose - 8 GOLD MEDALS

2003 GOLD Competition Chantel Feola took 2-SILVER Medals

2003 Footloose Competition-8-GOLDS, 16-HIGH SILVERS Special Awards-EXTREME TEAM-ERIN JOHNSON, Intense-Kelly Robb


2003 Starpower 4-GOLDS, 2-ElITE SILVERS & 2-SILVERS



2003 NYS Fair semi Finalists-Thriller & No More Drama

2004 Access Broadway Competition Jr Competition Team took 4GOLDS, Chantel Feola-High Silver

2004 PDTA Competition 3 HIGH GOLDS, 16 GOLDS & 9 High Silvers

2004 Footloose Competition-4 GOLDS & 1 High Silver

2004 Starpower Competition Mini Tap Elite GOLD & a Piece of the Rock

2004 Dance Championships 4 GOLDS-Jazz Trio, Sr. Tap, Chantel Feola w/ Tap & Alanna Gaubatz w/ Lyricals 4 Bronze-Sr. lyrical, Mini Tap & Lyrical & Erin Johnson w/Jazz. Honorable Mention-Kelly Robb & Erin Johnson w/ Lyricals & Camille Francis w/ Tap.

2004 Rochester Invitational studio HIGH scores-Camille Francis Strike up the Band, You Must Love Me. Kelly Robb w/ her Lyrical.

3pts from a HIGH GOLD is Kelly Robb's Lyrical. Studio brought home-10 GOLDS, 25 High Silver's & 8 Silver's.

2004 NYS Fair Semi-Finalists; Liz Ori w/ Jazz, Kelly Robb w/ Tap

2005 Dance Olympus - The Team brought home; a 1st Place for Bye Bye Blackbird, 3-2nd Places, 1-3rd Place and 3-4th. We had several places w/ National Honors.

2005 Starpowers Competition

2005 US Tournament of Dance the Team WON; GOLD & 1st Place for Harder to Breathe, GOLD for Bye Bye Blackbird, 13 High Silvers
and 5 Silvers.

2005 Clemens Center the Team returned home w/ 9 Silver Medals.

2005 Onondaga County Representative Caitlin Malone

2005 NYS Fair Representative Caitlin Malone

2005 Dance Olympics - 4 1st place, 2 2nd place, 1 3rd, 1 4th, 4 Merit Awards

2005 All American - 3 2nd, 2 3rd

2005 US Tournament of Dance - 1 Gold, 7 High Silver, 5 Silver

2005 Rochester Invitational- -1 High Gold, 1 Gold, 17 High Silvers, 16 Silvers, Best Trio - Kelly, Amy & Erin, Great Flock-Bye Bye Blackbird, Nice Back Alanna Gaubatz, Interesting Floor work Chelsea Mraz, Dance Off-Georgia, This is the Army Mr Jones

2005 Clemens Center - 10 Silvers

2006 Dance America; 3-2nd places 3 National acceptances, 3-3rd places, 3-4th places, 1-5th place & 3 Honorable mentions.

2006 PDTA 1-High Gold - Erinn Bernstein (tap), 15 Golds, 4 High Silvers TAP SCHOLARSHIPS were won by Elizabeth Landers & Samantha Lazzaro, HIP HOP SCHOLARSHIP won by Erinn Bemstein, BALLET SCHOLARSHIP was won by Rebekah Betar

2006 Starpower 17 Gold Medals and 1 1st Place

2006 USTD-3 Gold Medals, 8 High Silvers & 10 Silver Medals

2006 All American - Alanna Gaubatz won Overall High Score for Musical Theater, Team Medals 5 High Golds, 14 Golds

2006 Rochester Invitational-1 High Gold, 5 Golds, 23 High Silver's, 11 Silver's
Studio Representatives w/ High Scores in their age group were; Camille Francis, Alanna Gaubatz & Erinn Bernstein
Special Awards - Great Musicality-Kelly Henry for Throw your Hands Up w/ Morgan Ericson, Best Emotions-Alanna Gaubatz, Best Smile-Rebekah
Betar, Subtle & Smooth-Fever, Great Props for Sheri Benson for Woman w/ Hannah Walsh

2006 Clemens Center Alanna Gaubatz received High Silver, 3rd Place for her Lyrical, High Silver 4th Place for her Jazz, 2 Silvers for Tap
& Pointe

2006 Dance Olympus/Dance America Summer Gold Medalists-Alanna Gaubatz & Megan Rutkowski, Silver Medalists-Morgan Ericson,
Chelsea Mraz, Rockin On Top of the World, Don't Stop & If I Ain't Got You.

2006 Erin Johnson Petiormed in DANSCORE @ SUNY Brockport

2007 Chantel Feola had a self-choreographed piece chosen for the Cheorograph Showcase.

2007 Dance America 1-1st Place, 5-2nd Places, 3-3rd Places & 2 Merit Awards

2007 Rochester Invitational-High Gold & 5th Place Overall 17-18 Dear Mr President, 27 Gold Medals

IDC 4 Golds, 12 Sterling Silver Medals

USTD 16 Golds, 6 Silver Medals

All American 17 High Golds

2007 IDC NATIONALS-Gold Medals; Freddie Said, Beautiful, Dear Mr. President, Cool World, Room to Move, Deja Vu,.
Sterling Silvers; I Gotcha, Measure of A Man, Let Yourself Go, End of the Road, Ain't No other Man, Black or White and Becoming a Geisha.

2007 NYS Fair Representatives; Cool World, Freddie Said, Dear Mr. President, Hot Honey Rag

2007 NVS Fair SEMI FINALISTS- Cool World

2008 Starquest 12 High Golds and 2 Golds Great Personality Feelin Good, Makes it look Easy-Breathe

2008 Dance America 16 1st Place Awards and 2 2nd Place Awards Best Costume-Simply Irresistible

2008 Rochester Invitational 2 High Golds, 10 Golds, 19 High Silvers and 6 Silvers -Special Judges Awards-Overall Best Modern, Best
Emotion I Will Get There, Thank you for the Story-Gavin's Song, Gorgeous Legs & Stage Presence-Feelin Good, High Score 6th Place
Struggle, 4th Place Dance off Gavin's Song Studio High Score Representatives were Rebekah Betar, Struggle & Mr Pinstripe Suit

2008 USTD 9 Golds, 18 High Silvers and 5 Silvers Great Style-Dancin Man

2008 Boston Dance America 11 GOLDS & 2 SILVERS

2009 Dance America/Dance Olympus 4-1st Place Awards & 6-2nd Place Awards

2009 ALL American 9- Platinum Awards & 8 High Gold Awards

High Score for Lyrical-Belief & Musical Theater-Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

2009 International Dance Challenge 3 Gold Awards & 10 Sterling Silver Awards

2009 United States Tournament of Dance 1 High Gold, 6 Gold Awards & 1 High Silver Award

2009 Rochester Invitational 8 Gold Awards & 1 High Silver

2009 Paige Kopp made Captain of CNS Dance Ensemble

2009 Camille Francis will represent the studio in the Onondaga County Fair

2009 DMI Nashua, New Hampshire Kara Robb won 3 1st place awards for Mama, Through with You & Steal My Kisses, Camille Francis placed 1st with There's More Where that Came From, Elise Carrow placed 2nd with Love Remains the Same, Rebekah placed 2nd with jump in the Line, Makenzie Mathews placed 2nd with Say, Candle in the Wind placed 2nd,
Sing, Sing, Sing placed 2nd, One Voice placed 2nd & Beat It placed 3rd.

2009 Kara Robb was accepted to Dean College in Franklin, Massachuttes as a DANCE MAJOR!!

2009 Camille Francis represented the studio in the NY State Fair Semi Finals.

2010 Dance America 4-2nd places, 2- 3rd places, 1-6th place

2010 Rochester Invitational - Etiquette Award, 15 High Silver Awards Special Awards Visions in Blue - Makenzie Mathews & Elise Carrow, I Just Love Dancing·Elizabeth Landers

2010 Boston Dance America 5 High Silvers

2011 Dance America 1st place If your Reading This(lyrical), Zero to Hero (Lip Sync), Too Darn Hot (Musical Theater, 2nd place Pacific
(Modern), Figure It Out(Jazz), Stand by Me (Lyrical), 3rd place 4111 place Not My Turn (Lyrical)5th place Scientist (Lyrical solo), 9th place (Lyrical solo), 10th place Who I am hates who I been

2011 Rochester Invitational Etiquette Award Gold Medalists-If Your Reading This- Best Emotions, Zero to Hero, Stand by Me, Too Dam Hot, PaCific, Mean-Tap solo High Silver-Summer on the Farm, Pure Imagination, Solo's-Who I am Hates Who I've Been,
Scientist, Brick by Brick, Gravity, Figure It Out, Not My Turn and SPECIAL AWARDS-Stylist Award-Too Darn
Hot, Super Chaines-Stand by Me, Best Feet-Makenzie Mathews, Super Switchleaps-Rebekah Betar, accepted by Elise Carrow

2011 Boston Dance America GOLD p t PLACE If your Reading this and Too Darn Hot, 3 2nd PLACE Pacific (Modern Duo), Brick by Brick
(Makenzie Mathews) & Scientist (Elise Carrow)

2012 Dance Olympus-2nd Place Awards-SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW, Imagine (Natalie Salewski), Dirty Pop, Time of your Life,
Turning Tables (Cassidi Bryden), Umbrella, Steam Heat. 3rd Place Bandstand Boogie, 5th Place Shine your Light (Makenzie Mathews) & 6th place I will Be (Nicole Finger)

2012 Rochester Invitational High Scores and studio Representatives; Bandstand Boogie, Dirty Pop, Shine Your Ught (Makenzie) & The Cave (Elise) 1st Place Gold Bandstand Boogie & 7th overall High Score High Silvers; Dirty Pop, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Imagine,Spotlight, Steam Heat, Umbrella, Time of your Life, I will Be, Shine your Light (3 points from Gold) & The Cave (3 points from Gold)

SPECIAL AWARDS-Superb Formations-Dirty Pop, Terrific Traveling Time Steps -Bandstand Boogie, Fabulous Fosse- Steam Heat

2013 Dance America Gold medals-Born to Hand Jive, We go Together, Chances, Le Jazz Hot, Count on Me, Shut Up and Drive, No Way Out, Glitter in the Air, Lamentation, Footloose, Inside of Me, Can you feel the Love Tonight, Eyes Open BEST COSTUME; We go Together

2013 Rochester Invitational Gold Medals-Shut up and Drive, Inside of Me, Count on Me, Part of Me, We go Together, Footloose, Born to Hand Jive, Chances. High Silvers-Good Time, No Way Out, Eyes Open, can You Feel the Love Tonight, Glitter in the Air, Bullet Proof, Le Jazz Hot, Drop in the Ocean, Lamentation Dance Off representatives-Shut Up and Drive, Chances SPECIAL AWARDS; Great Recovery!! We Go Together, In-Sync Tap Award- Footloose

Boston Dance Olympus We Go Together-Silver Medal & Glitter in the Sky, Natalie Salewski~ Silver Medal

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