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Ballet Lessons and Pointe Lessons | Liverpool, NY | Liverpool School Of Dance | 315-652-1875

Do you want to take the stage on Broadway?

If you have a passion for ballet, take advantage of the knowledge and professional instructors at Liverpool School of Dance. Whether you're looking to a future in teaching dance or the performing arts, or just love the art form you'll enjoy professional, thorough lessons here.

Both individual and group ballet lessons are available for intermediate dancers. Our dance studio is dedicated to dance education for children ages 3 to 18 and individual classes are offered at age 10.

Intermediate Ballet Classes– Graceful, confident children

  • Ballet – Your child will be in superb physical condition, because ballet requires both athleticism and artistry.
    • Emphasizes grace, balance and fluidity
    • Requires diligence and self-discipline
    • Uses a specific and codified vocabulary of movements
    • No improvisation or spontaneity like jazz or hiphop
  • Pointe – The technique in ballet where dancers rise up and dance on the tips of their toes.
    • Requires specific shoes different than ballet shoes
    • Students are trained to strengthen their toes and bones to achieve this
    • Dancer will appear weightless and graceful at more advanced levels

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